Išmanusis laikrodis SE 2 (2022) 44MM/ALUM/MIDNIGHT MNK03 APPLE

351.53 €

ID: 1392519
Garantija: 24 mėn.
Prekė: Nauja
Siunčiama: DPD (per 1-3 darbo dienas!)
Gamintojas: Apple
Pardavėjas: Elko L.
Gamintojo puslapis
Shipping Box Depth : 29.5
Shipping Box Height : 3.5
Shipping Box Weight : 0.36
Shipping Box Width : 7.5
Vendor Homepage : www.apple.com/apple-watch-se/
Aprašymas: Watch SE 2 (2022) 44mm Midnight Aluminium Case/Midnight SportA great deal to love.Stylish case colors. Powerful sensors for insights about your health and fitness. Innovative safety features. Convenient ways to stay connected.A faster dual-core processor for added performance. Apple Watch SE is feature packed, and now it’s a better value than ever.
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